hp pavilion notebook dv7 cam and figerprint scanner quit working and cant get download to work need help as i am paralized after serving and need fingerprint scanner to sign in i have nurse and friend typing now to help anybody available hp and advanced team will only help if i pay i have no money until disability determination complete i am staying with friend and nurse dan as i lost my home and family as well

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Re: help

Hi Woody,


HP supports are in regional base. (Base on country of stay)


Firstly, where are you from, United States or United Kingdom or elsewhere???? Base on your country selector.


Go to and view and select next to the country flag to select the country of stay.


Once you go to HP base on your country that you purchase the Laptop, Click on Support and Download Drivers.


 You need to give me the exact model of your HP Dv7.


There are many HP Dv7 models. You need to give the exact model in full.(Check the model number at the back of the laptop) Products specs and model varies or different base on Country / Region.




 For instance, if you stay in the United States, go to or in United Kingdom and click on Support Download Drivers, then under Find my Product, type in the select HP Dv7 model number in full.


More than 300 products contain the term 'Hp Dv7'


Choose from the categorized results below



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Re: help

Go to


At the United States country flag, click on United States and change the Country that you buy HP DV7.


It will lead you to the correct Region or Country.


Select Support.


And Download Drivers.


Type in the HP DV7 model number in full.



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Re: help

Make sure you have the correct Model of your HP DV7.


Remember select the correct Country of your HP purchase.


Did you make a HP Recovery DVD Disc???


Once you get thru, from the Download Drivers.


Select the correct Operating System.


You must know what Windows 7 version or Windows 8.


Are you running a 32 bit version or 64 bit version of Windows 7 or Windows 8.


Then click on  Next.


Then Go to Security Software to download your finger print scanner.


Then Go to Software Multimedia to download the Web Cam.