X-Fence detected Microsoft Outlook mouse clicks interceptions


X-Fence detected Microsoft Outlook mouse clicks interceptions



I reported this in the bug report already in XFENCE 00263 (as that was the only point of contact I could find for the Beta testing program). You can find computer etc. details there as I am not about to post them publicly. As I am getting "mouse clicks intercepted" for the past 2 days  and the coultprint seems to be Microsoft Outlook (they stop when Outlook killed) - my question is, can I get more info about these mouse clicks being intercepted. I ran bunch of anti virus software, malewarebytes scan and few other things but couldn't find any threats on the computer. How likely is that this is a bug? Is there a log I can access or get more information - like when these mouse clicks first started getting triggered? Giving out a pop up notification and then have user deal with it with no additional tools to figure out what's going on is in my opinion a bit insufficient.  Can I be put into contact with one of your devs to figure this out? 


Also a quick feedback regarding the software: pop up with mouse interceptions doesn't appear if computer is in a "do not disturb mode" - so I managed to get them after do not disturbe mode was turned off and have no idea how long they were going on. This is defenetly an issue as do not disturb means i don't want messages like Skype popping up every 5 seconds and not "don't tell me when my clicks or keypresses are being intercepted". This is a major flaw that should be worked around. At minimum there should be a log to see what events have been missed during that time. 


Thanks in advance for your feedback.



Re: X-Fence detected Microsoft Outlook mouse clicks interceptions

Hi, I'm recovering from a medical coma trauma accedien5 ao please forgive me for my lack of brand name identification and thee such as will do my bestm..


Now I am a MS VIP, so I have experience working in a troubleshooting NTFS environment based Platforms, if I coulddnjust rekember what the darn name of the MS package THERE IS ONE AND IT IS FOR FREE I BELIEVE,  that would specifically identify the triggers in mouse clicks screen positions, services shared or effected by the mouse click/trigger/call events, and identify exactly what's happening all in real time.

I Know that doesn't entirety help without the name , but My hope is that it will at least give you a direction to start in for finding a solution.


It may very well be a debug platform. When I am faced with a dilemma along the same lines as yours, I trust Emsisoft's, "Online Armor" (Discontinued Behavioral Analysis engine (this one unlike any other product in the world [other then zimperium],  does successfully combat 0day and real time attacks), so even while not having the update which is only provided after the damage starts, it has a HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention Security) foundation technology that made it cutting edge.it has a built in GUI for what your looking for, and has a Stand alone tools Emsisoft even has a OS independent package for identifying behavioral abnormalities, I think it is  called Emergency Rescue IF you know places on the Internet where archives for such things are at, that is what I would bet all money and assets in on. 


Good luck.


P.S. I know the 2nd mention sounds good but I know for a fact and would bet my life on it the first MS tools will give you the forensic details. Again apologies for inability to recall the title.