TP138 Windows Client Release


Viite: TP138 Windows Client Release

Hello @Ukko

Thanks to your observation we did identify some glitch with EPM, the fix should be available on next TP, please check it out.

Update on the coming release: the fix wont make it to TP139, likely the one after.


Viite: TP138 Windows Client Release

Hi @Ukko


Do you mean support tool fails to create fsdiag.7z on your computer? Can you please create a bug report in and attach C:\ProgramData\F-Secure\Logs\CCF\fsdiag.log



(F-Secure R&D)



Viite: TP138 Windows Client Release



No, with fsdiag.7z (Support Tool) was all OK.

I just forget to create fsdiag under current machine . But basically.. it was created before. It's mean all OK with machine.
I mean: I does not create it and I does not get it from machine after "check" situation. And on current time I not able to get this too (because not able to use this computer; such as computer not available to be in use).


Sorry for my previous hard explanation.