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... reboot fixed the issue. 


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We have received reports of this bug from users also using Lion and Snow Leopard, so it being related to Gatekeeper feels fairly unlikely. Also, Gatekeeper is enforced by LaunchServices - which means that it is only enforced when an application or document is opened. This bug manifests itself after the installer has already been opened - at that point any Gatekeeper-related checks should be passed.


(Also, due to the design of Gatekeeper, it does not apply to software that we update through our automatic update channels.)


That said, parts of Gatekeeper and many related tools were backported to Lion with 10.7.4, and I'm not ruling out any possibilities for now.

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From what I gathered Apple make alot of significant changes  to it's current OSX.


It is possible that there seems to be some software compatibility issues.


In fact many software developer need to revamp and updates  their software to make it run properly in every OS X updates. (check roaringapps via google)


The Files structure directory have change and some features have been discontinue.


What I heard they are now using Clang compiler for C. GNU C have been discontinue. That goes the same to FreeBSD OS.


It's very common in BSD system.