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Known Mac OS X viruses-updated



Please take note there seems to be a new variants of trojans, backdoors viruses for mac.


Namely at this time of writting.


Olxy backdoor

Blackhole RAT version 2 (also known as Musminim)






Please check the following links for known detections:-


Please inform the SAS team for verifications updates.




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Re: Known Mac OS X viruses-updated



Can you please confirm that the Bancos virus you listed is in fact a Mac virus? I understand that any virus can be stored on Mac storage or hard drive- but your message suggests that the Bancos virus is in fact a "Known Mac OS X virus", whereas all the research on the web says that Bancos is a Windows Trojan Horse. I have not been able to find any evidence on the web that a Mac version of the Bancos virus has been released. Please confirm either way, thanks.

Posts: 930
Registered: ‎06-06-2011

Re: Known Mac OS X viruses-updated

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I saw that somewhere while I did a beta testing with F-Secure last year.


Yeah Sophos did mentioned that.


But check this out in the Apple Forum.






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