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Well, it has been a trend for a while for porn sites (and basically everythinng else) to start turning HTTPS on. You really need the extension for content filtering to be useful in today's Internet


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Thnx for the answer so because of https is encrypted f-secure cant block it right?


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@betoche wrote:

Thnx for the answer so because of https is encrypted f-secure cant block it right?



Sorry for my reply (because probably expected from other users);


And I did not re-check it enough (but just based on my own experience -> which maybe also based on something else as certain configuration/settings under system or browser or under FS Protection);


F-Secure can not properly handling HTTPS (encrypted), but it possible prevent/block access before "secure connection" is established; Or with "extension" (support for HTTPS) there will be blockpage;


I able to suspect that... even if extension is not installed or so -> anyway Content Blocker (and blocking access to harmful-rated pages) should work with meanings that connection is prevented/broken; Because it should work under system network layers (?!); You able to re-check this official answers under F-Secure SENSE board: this reply  or this reply (with noted youtube-video) or this topic; I able to think that handling such meanings also valid for FS Protection (F-Secure solutions);


But if there kind of 'bypass' designed network using (like proxy?! or so) -> it possible that F-Secure do not able to detect certain connection and as result -> not able to prevent it;






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Correction. My information was not up to date.


We are able to block HTTPS traffic based on domain name without browser plugin. So that means the categorizations are limited to the top of the domain instead of using categorization for the actual URL part. Also when blocking HTTPS without browser plugin, block page can not be displayed.

As an example, there are two domains and, they would have different category based on the URL part. But for HTTPS without browser plugin we can only get the rating for (domain) and act based on that.



HTTP: Full functionality with or without browser plugin

HTTPS: Full functionality with browser plugin, limited functionality without it



(F-Secure R&D)


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