FS Protection PC Release 198


FS Protection PC Release 198

 This release contains following applications that combined make the FS Protection PC product: 

  • Common Component Framework 2.98.284
  • Antivirus 17.198.127
  • Browsing protection 2.198.6718

New features:

  • User interface rendering framework update (Qt 5.9). This supports dialog scaling to all sizes, not just 200%, 300%, etc. It should also fix some UI issues with multiple monitors.

Fixed issues:


  • Recent events scroll bar has unintended context menu (SAFE_BUG-01819, CTS-99588)
  • It was possible to get installation key after installation for a while (CTS-99782)
  • Subscription reminders on Windows 10 were not working properly (CTS-99720)
  • Uninstallation error dialog has buttons "Yes" and "Ok" (CTS-99479)


  • Main UI tab leaks last character to second line on some languages (CTS-99647)
  • Localization string is missing space (CTS-99791, SAFE_BUG-01888)
  • Localized Antivirus name shown on About window (CTS-99788)
  • Potentially unwanted application not detected (CTS-99515, SAFE_BUG-01790)
  • Arrow under main UI pointing wrong way (CTS-99633, SAFE_BUG-01827)
  • Main UI action center buttons different sizes (CTS-99636, SAFE_BUG-01830)
  • Translation error in Russian (CTS-99678, SAFE_BUG-01847)
  • Deepguard flyer UI issues (CTS-99688, SAFE_BUG-01853)
  • Missing event in recent events when Firewall is turned on (CTS-99573)
  • Crash in Quarantine UI when opened and closed multiple times (CTS-99586, SAFE_BUG-01815)
  • F-Secure UI doesn´t notice if service is stopped (CTS-99621)

Browsing protection:

  • Time Limits inconsistent when computer is put to sleep mode or shut down. (CTS-99601, CTS-CTS-99603, CTS-99609)
  • Time Limits usage being deducted when Windows session is not active. (CTS-99605, CTS-99610, CTS-99613)
  • Empty space in web sites (allow/deny) dialog. (CTS-99428)
  • Web sites (allow/deny) dialog texts inconsistent. (CTS-99429)
  • Localization missing in Add web site dialog on content blocker settings. (CTS-99701)
  • Web sites (allow/deny) dialog does not update its content immediately after modification. (CTS-99717)
  • Can't open Tools Web content control dialog. (CTS-99684)
  • Thunderbird and other applications unable to reconnect to server after Banking Protection ended. (CTS-99005)
  • Content filtering not respecting the ratings correctly. (CTS-99687)
  • Banking/Browsing protection settings tab missing/disabled "On/Off"-toggle with certain UI flow. (CTS-99683)
  • Setting changes not applied when initiated from Banking Protection flyer dialog. (CTS-99695)
  • Text truncation on banking flyer. (CTS-99752)
  • Small frame blockpage shows only FS Protection image. (CTS-99547)
  • Browser extension warning in main UI when all is ok. (CTS-99719)
  • Chrome extension status not reflecting corrently to main UI. (CTS-99756)
  • Time remaining grouped wrongly in Family Rules UI page. (CTS-99744)

Re: FS Protection PC Release 198

These are the known issues we have noticed and will be fixed later:


  • Upgrade may ask for reboot:
    this release includes so new MS visual studio DLLs that Microsoft hasn't yet distributed them through their normal windows updates.
  • Banking protection flyer not shown on non-100% scaling:
    due to user interface rendering framework update (Qt 5.9).
  • Main UI might fail to open:
    main UI might fail to open with Windows 7 when 16-bit colors and >= 200% scaling level is set.
    Due to user interface rendering framework update (Qt 5.9).





Re: FS Protection PC Release 198

Thanks, upgade went somewhat smooth. During bootup some desktop icons were white and it took considerably more amount of time to fully boot up (on SSD). Otherwise seems OK so far.



On laptop everything went smooth (no boot delay).


Re: FS Protection PC Release 198

Cannot open interface after update to 198, how to solve it?

And it's function doesn't work, my OS is Windows 10 1703

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Re: FS Protection PC Release 198


Please review open dialogs to see if one says reboot is required. It would explain why GUI doesn't open


Re: FS Protection PC Release 198

I had rebooted and reinstalled for several times, but it still brokenSmiley Sadproblem.png

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Re: FS Protection PC Release 198

You should probably file a bug on beta.f-secure.com then

Re: FS Protection PC Release 198

Hi, I have the same problem and right click scan and no response.


Re: FS Protection PC Release 198



Release 198 has a bug on Windows that has double byte language set as locale (Chinese, Japanese). The product will not work properly after upgrade or installation. You are not able to open user interface and most of other functionality is missing.


This will be fixed in next release.



(F-Secure R&D)



Re: FS Protection PC Release 198

Thnx for the new release.