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Sorry for my this reply. Just as response for my previous reply/dreams (under this topic).


I think there certainly was changes (or based on something else, but with changing result).

At least... if we talk about this so called "extra animation on the main UI " - I think that there can be visible next changes (or result of something):


---> I think that just certain this "light-detector-blaster" start be more speedy to do this circle-checking.


and.. if in somewhat reason... do not start more speedy (but I think did?!).

There probably certainly one changes around this "extra animation on the main UI "


---> With previous TPs (or some of them) and with current TPs... this "extra animation on the main UI " possible to "paused" (I not mean by Scan Wizard scanning) for "stuck" position.

So.. changes that:


Previous TPs design was like:

we able to pause (by some of steps. Possible to do this by "Question/Help"-button under main UI. When this menu is active - "extra animation on the main UI " will be paused about action; Or just by "drag" close button of window and hold it) position of circle.

When we "unpause" - "extra animation on the main UI " briefly goes to point, which happened on this time (I mean.. even we paused it... in fact circle was in action under "background"). If we "hold" this circle "two/three steps" - so... position briefly re-transfer to this "missing" steps.


Current TP design like that:

we able to pause position of circle. When we "unpause" -" extra animation on the main UI " goes to continues from timepoint/place, where we "pause/freeze" it.


Sorry for my reply and strange dreams around strange things.


I also can to think that "my feelings" around "more usage system resources" (some freezes, stuck-points and other) and other words from previous reply.. can be based also on fact... that with fresh build of Windows 10.. I start to use option for Windows Defender as "time to time scanning" (and maybe this is just get some resources between this two software and simply system usage at background too).

And in fact... something too much critical with FS Protection and my system did not happened. But time to time I get "stuck/freeze" situations more often or with steps, which not trigger it before.



Hi C K,


we do have ongoing issues with our UI at the moment Smiley Sad
One fix has been done already and that will come with the next release, but we have noticed, that there must be some other issue(s) which we have not been able to pinpoint yet.
The issue is under investigation and hopefully we'll get proper solution for the next release.




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