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Sorry for my reply.


Are there any plans to improve or to change flow with renewal popup / prompt reminder?

Based on this (and some other topics or feature requests):

Current design is still mostly aggressive for some users. And appearance triggers are not clear for them OR unexpectedly intrusive.


Perhaps, with technology preview / beta I saw flow where such a reminder was already as a toast notification (so, even if rest of design is still previous - looks a bit more smooth). Or maybe it was another kind of situation.

But with stable solution (? and, for example, with brief try for trial time) - still 'concerned' design of renewal reminder.


I could to understand and to imagine reasons, good explanations and benefits of current design. Most of these points are sensible. But, for example, is there any limitation for adding postpone button for some days (as most users asked) - I do not think that this is a solution and complains are still can be there - but, at least, it is something. Of course, if any large changes are not expected.




RE: FS Protection PC 17.8 releases

Release 17.8 beta 5 (4.30.5794):

New features:

  • Chromium based Microsoft Edge browser is now supported.
  • The design of excluding harmful items found in manual scanning has been changed but this is still work in progress and the new UI elements have not been translated. More changes are expected in this area.
  • New App and file control dialog is now fully in use and the old dialog has been removed.
  • We have made significant internal changes to the product structure to support future development. This should not change anything in product behavior.

Fixed issues:

  • Network installer name is changed to "Setup Tool" (PBL-6023)
  • fssettings crashed (PBL-6019, SAFE_BUG-02902)
  • "Fileless" exploits not handled correctly in App and file control (PBL-5996, SAFE_BUG-02896)
  • Trouble with opening fresh .NET App and File Control (PBL-6014, SAFE_BUG-02899)
  • Badly rendered targets/exclusions in scanning reports with IE due to misplaced "ul" tag (PBL-5971 SAFE_BUG-02894)
  • Some fixes for Narrator support (PBL-5940)
  • Short scan completes very slowly (PBL-5995)
  • Internet Security renewal text changes (PBL-5683)
  • "Scan Wizard" crashes in 10-20 seconds after stopping by user (PBL-5932, SAFE_BUG-02893)

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Thanks for the release!


Sorry for ask:

My system has received beta 5 - but there was not branded reminder(prompt) about it. And recent events list is also not about this event.

So it should be?


// actually, one more point is Context scan option was not visible (was not on rightclick menu) before restart. After system restart - option is there.




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Hi @Ukko 


Yes, we also noticed those issues internally (but too late). The post-update actions were not done (flyer notification, event history) and scan option from explorer is missing until user logs out and in again.


They will be fixed for next release.



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