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We've been rather under-resourced for this project due to the holiday season and some other tasks popping up, and hence there haven't been any major changes recently. Note that since the whole product is updateable via our channels, you will receive new components, fixes and changes to the UI automatically without having to run a fresh installer.


I'll let you know once I have more information to share about upcoming changes.


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Sorry for current reply, but just want to say... that with current Microsoft Windows Updates same situation with reported story about previous ones.


My experience about situation, when "one of updates" (during installation one of updates) again goes be stuck more, than hour (hour and fifteen minutes probably).

During current "stuck" for installation... task manager can be with information that F-Secure ULAV have stable-upload-network connection (with full network usage). When it's stopped (after more, than hour)... installation goes to be "continues".


Different with first meet about situation (as reported story).. probably too much small, but can be "important".

Anyway.. I also think.. what if it just my local situation and all other F-Secure ULAV users have normal design with Microsoft Windows Updates and F-Secure ULAV.

F-Secure Product Expert
F-Secure Product Expert

Re: F-Secure Ultralight Anti-Virus

Hello All, 


First thank you for your engagement and feedback. 

As this thread is becoming very long, I will close it here. 


That doesn't mean that the story ends, so don't hesitate to share your feedback and ask further question by opening new threads

Best Regards



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