E-mail up-date


E-mail up-date

A.  Think I know the answer but want to verify.

B.  Changed internet providers.

B.1.  Internet e-mail address no longer active.

C.  Cannot find way to update my.F-Secure.com e-mail address.

C.1.  Is there a way to update my existing my.F-Secure.com e-mail address or do I have to create a new account.

D.  I visualize many issues if I have to create a new account that is not related to my past history activities.




Re: E-mail up-date

I think, if you PM @Ben he may be able to help. You can't change your own email address on your forum account, but the forum admins can. :)
F-Secure Product Expert
F-Secure Product Expert

Re: E-mail up-date

Hello Smith,


You posted in the Technology Preview/Beta board.

Could you therefore confirm which email address you wish to modify?


The one used in this community? The one of an active Safe account? Or the one of a beta program account?

Best Regards



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