When can we expect "Boot Time Protection"?

When can we expect "Boot Time Protection"?



It is becoming very important these days to have "Boot time protection" or some kind of "Preferential Loading at startup of Windows". None of the F-Secure consumer products have this feature. There are certain videos on youtube which show the importance of this feature. In one particular video the F-Secure's much capable DeepGuard is immediately able to protect against a ransomware/malware sample (but this malware sample creates a daughter .js file and a startup entry for this .js file), but due to the absense of "Boot Time Protection" is not able to stop the encryption of the user files (caused by the execution of the .js file at startup). By the time F-Secure was fully up and running after startup, user files were already encrypted.

This is a must have feature and I think F-Secure team should add this to its products on a priority basis. I believe that F-Secure is one of the best products out there (I just love its DeepGuard) and am pretty sure that F-Secure's team will definitely take some positive action on this.



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Please also add Boot time protection for the client F-Secure Total Security for PC, F-Secure Safe for macs and of course for all customers on the SENSE router.


 Hi. I really wonder why F-Secure not having boot time scanning. There are many tests and videos that shows it`s importance. I have Kaspersky Free installed now on my computer , but have several years had F-Secure  from my ISP. I would really want to have F-Secure on my computers but wont buy it unless it fixes the important boot time scanning. I´m sure there are lots of customers that want this feature, and it would make F-Secure one of the absolutely best AV.


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This was originally suggested over 2 years ago.  Has boot time protection been implemented in F-Secure Safe or other home versions?

If not, why not?
This is a 100% necessary feature. If it is not available in F-Secure, I will move on to one of the MANY competitors which has had this feature for years. Thank you.