Old Firewall System

Old Firewall System

Hello, as a loyal defender fot his idea, i ask today to have an " Advanced User" firewall system option.

The old popup to warn you when a program attempt to connect to the internet is really important for me, as sometimes some well known programs can share some unwanted informations.


I'm personally concerned on my network traffic, and prefer to have full control on this. I liked so much the previous versions of F Secure as i got used to it. I feel to have lost something since the 2013 one.


So "voila", my final suggestion would have been this one. Your Firewall was the best and that was one of the reason i choosed you guys.


Sincerely. Laurent


any update in this case?


Best Regards,



F-Secure, i seen a sentence in your Website, you claims No One knows Cyber Security better than F-Secure ! Okay then, WHY you are let Microsoft Windows handle your Firewall ?! you know better, you can do better, even if Windows Firewall is enough, but when you can do better, when you know how make it better! why you won't ?!

the status is Comment Requested, as you find out for sure so far, almost all of your customers want to see your own Firewall F-SECURE, so i hope you show us you hear us in near future :)


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Can we please have a status update from F-Secure? The status for this post has been 'Comments requested' for 3 years now and as a paying customer I would like to know what the real deal is right now. Are we getting some seperate firewall-system in the near future or is this idea buried for now?


Hi dear @Mysticiza


take a look at here ( https://community.f-secure.com/t5/News-and/some-words-about-Feature-Request/td-p/92895 ), i already noticed them that Feature Request forum needs more attentions/updates.

and seems they are working on it as @Laksh said.


so hopefuly we'll have a change in the way that they are moderating Feature Request forum in near future.


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Hi There, it has been a while ! I wondered if anything has changed since ? I don't dare to try the new version but i wandered a bit until now.
See you :)


Hello, Myself Upendra from India where cyber security laws are very poor and most web sites are blocked by government. I installed F-Secure over ESET 5 days ago as per reviews  I was ready for this heavy suite for my PC but after 5 days it is not using more than 100 MB ram and very light. But I was diappointed only at one point with fierwall feature. Other security suite at internet security services provides a comprehensive firewall not windows default firewall. But I came to know that previous versions had this feature. I request you to put feature back.


Ues, that is a good idea, indeed!