Old Firewall System

Old Firewall System

Hello, as a loyal defender fot his idea, i ask today to have an " Advanced User" firewall system option.

The old popup to warn you when a program attempt to connect to the internet is really important for me, as sometimes some well known programs can share some unwanted informations.


I'm personally concerned on my network traffic, and prefer to have full control on this. I liked so much the previous versions of F Secure as i got used to it. I feel to have lost something since the 2013 one.


So "voila", my final suggestion would have been this one. Your Firewall was the best and that was one of the reason i choosed you guys.


Sincerely. Laurent




I am also disappointed by F-Secure Internet Security 2014 without a firewall bidirectional.
I have the trial version and I think I will not buy it.

hello, well since my first post i see you all have not addressed this issue. and as now my subscription has expired .bring back application control and i will be a customer again.i think you are going to lose a lot of customers over this. which is going to be the only thing that gets results. thanks from a former customer..

Even though F-Secure was not a part of this commissioned study of Firewall protection concerning Public networks, it may help us to at least think twice about how, or why F-Secure is using Windows firewall.




Windows Firewall seems very competent to secure its settings when going from a private network to public (when prompted to Select Location), better than even some of the Suites with their own firewalls.


So with DeepGuard also bolstering Windows firewall, it is less of a concern for me. Would it be nice to have some easier on-board firewall features, yes (network traffic pop ups etc), but in knowing I'll be secure when opening my notebook in public from possible remote execution attempts or success, I'm fine with that as far as what  F-Secure has done.


such a feature has been requested in the 2015 beta program, it now depends on the project chief and devs


Status changed to: Comments Requested

We need a firewall other than Windows. We pay the price of an internet security suite yet one of two required features in a security suite is missing? The Windows firewall is clunky, not integrated into F-Secure, and not effective. Here is a Matousec firewall test that shows F-secure IS 2014 recieving an ABYSMAL 5% mitigation rate., obviously there is an urgent need for a new firewall.


For basic users (Internet browsing etc.) Windows Firewall is good enough but more advanced users definetly need more adjustments than Windows Firewall can provide what comes to opening ports and so on

A good solution for this is a setting that adjusts between Windows Firewall and F-Secure's own firewall and the installer could recommend Windows Firewall for basic users and F-Secure Firewall for advanced users so basic users could still use this program with install and forget -tactics.

But still I think only F-Secure Firewall is better than only Windows Firewall if there will be no adjustments.

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Hi developers,


at least add some kind of a advanced Windows firewall control option. There are some freeware tools out there but I'd like to have an "everything from one hand solution".



  • add Profiles (High to low Filtering options)
  • add a Notification Center
  • add an easy way to set some rules for programs



I regesistered for the sole pupose of commenting here.  

F-secure has been getting steadily worse for the last few years, the last functional version 2011.

Due to the removal of the firewall, and the stupifying of the software, making it much harder to use, I will be removing FSIS, and will not be renewing it for any of my customers.


I finally gave in to the incessant nagging and tried to "upgrade" to 2015.  After many failures, I manually uninstalled "conflicting" products.  Then it finally "installed" "successfully", completely destroying my network stack and requiring hours to get my computer fully functional again.

Being an idiot, I didn't learn my lesson, fought more hours getting it installed, the beginning of the battle even getting the lousy online only installer (unacceptable, I need to be able to install offline) to even run when launched, and more or less ending with having to run multiple uninstall tools from F-"Secure".  And now here I am, out good software, with no way to get what I paid for back, and running hiddeious and ineffective software.  Time to ook at Panda or Zone Alarm again I guess.


Oh, and I didn't even get into the complete lack of response from support over many attempts.


Goodbye, and good riddance.


In case anyone wonders, F-Secure didn't bother to fix this for the latest versions either. Just installed F-Secure SAFE on my new computer, as it was cheap. Unfortunately, cheap still means crap.

Really, how difficult can it be to add an option for marking all applications as unsafe for connecting to the internet the first time they do it? DeepGuard has the option for "Ask my permission to make an Internet connection", but still doesn't give the users any control of what it regards as safe/known programs. Incompetent at best.