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Old Firewall System

Old Firewall System

Hello, as a loyal defender fot his idea, i ask today to have an " Advanced User" firewall system option.

The old popup to warn you when a program attempt to connect to the internet is really important for me, as sometimes some well known programs can share some unwanted informations.


I'm personally concerned on my network traffic, and prefer to have full control on this. I liked so much the previous versions of F Secure as i got used to it. I feel to have lost something since the 2013 one.


So "voila", my final suggestion would have been this one. Your Firewall was the best and that was one of the reason i choosed you guys.


Sincerely. Laurent


Hello, i'm a french user too, and i wanted to help this guy's idea. i don't know yet if i renew my licence on f secure.

I don't have much more to say, i agree totally with what he asks.

Will you add some of these features ?


Endorsed !


Even an option in DeepGuard to select programs to block would be a step in the right direction.


Je pense que cela vaut le coup, en effet, beaucoup plus de failles voient le jour. Je pense que je ne serais pas contre un système de parefeu comparable au précedent.

Sorry i speak not english really good, i am ok


Kudo granted !


I'm interested in this, this function misses so much



Yo ! I want that !


Yeah, just installed the trial version of Internet Security on my parents new computer, and immediately missed the default behaviour of asking for permission the first time any program tries to access the net. Apparently that functionality still hasn't made it back. A deal-breaker, will have to find another product. A pity, in all other respects I really like the F-Secure suite, but a comprehensive application control is a must.


This has apparently been discussed a lot on these forums, for some time already. Really odd that F-Secure hasn't listened to their (soon former) customers in this respect.


For those annoyed by the crappy application control in the latest F-Secure versions, a tip after looking around for a replacement: Comodo firewall gives you those nice pop-ups whenever a new application tries to connect to the net, and then you can choose, as you used to be able to do with F-Secure, whether to allow it or not, and whether to remember your answer or not.


To enable this behaviour in Comodo, go to Firewall Tasks / Open Advanced Settings and then after the Enable Firewall (Recommended) check box, choose Custom Ruleset from the dropdown (it defaults to Safe Mode, which lets through "known safe applications" automatically, just as irritatingly as F-Secure now; but at least this is easy to change in Comodo). That's it.