Linux support for Key

Linux support for Key

Would it be possible to have Linux support for Key? I have found that using Key and Linux is quite hard. At first I open the page I'd like to login, then I dig my phone from a pocket, open Key and get the password, then type it to the keyboard while hoping to not make any typos. It is definitely a complicated process. Do you have any plans to extend the support in the near future?


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Teemu Ikonen


If someone has fought with F-Secure Key, Wine and Linux Ubuntu, I've been able to get it working with the following steps:


1. Enter these commands in the terminal followed by the enter key:


Sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386


Wget -nc


Sudo apt-key add Release.key


Sudo apt-add-repository 


Sudo apt-get update


2. Install Wine from the "Ubuntu software store"


3. Download and install the F-Secure Key PC version (will not work and gives an error message)


4. Configure Wine


5. Windows version: XP


6. Add fskey.exe to the Wine Applications list (it's in the program files (x86) directory)


7. Restart F-Secure MSI again and select "Repair"


8. Open Key, it should work now. :)


Works Arch/Antergos fine out off to box. Just install Wine and F-secure Key Windows version.


I have F-secure Key on Android-phone and windows10. Would have it on Ubuntu with pleasure.


Are there any new plans to offer KEY in Linux?

We want keynux!

Since there now is a distribution-agnostic universal package manager for GNU/Linux called Snappy which is widely used for commercial software such as Spotify, Skype, Slack, Discord, Telegram, Visual Studio Code and PyCharm, the argument about market fragmentation that F-Secure has been using no longer applies for Key. Please create GNU/Linux versions of your software, as this has a huge impact on the recommendations IT professionals give to average users and enables more users to switch to a more secure platform.