F-Secure should have its own firewall

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Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).

Just as sidenote - "own firewall" request is already existed with some forms, wordings and views:

But just as a small discussion:

does it about Windows platform?

and why F-Secure should have its own firewall? and is it only about firewall functionality?

With meanings allow/deny outbound and inbound connections? If so - why built-in Windows Firewall is not enough good for such task?

In addition, I think that even for advanced tasks - Windows Firewall is quite well option.


My own feelings are that own firewall is cool. But own secure OS is even more cool. :)

Otherwise possible to suspect that "third-party" firewall (for OS) is always tricky thing. But I feel that possible to request something like "friendly" graphical user interface for existed firewall functionality. Or improved and advanced abilities, features or functionality. But these advanced points are not necessary part of "Firewall".


Since your request if freshly created one - maybe good to provide your own feelings - why F-Secure should have its own firewall. Or what is expected set of features for you? This one which available with Windows Firewall, but "copied" by F-Secure? Or something more?

In addition, user should to configure it properly by own steps? Or should be available something like default

'good-enough' profile with ability to tweak it by own steps? And does potential firewall should ask about each activity? Or can be enough only for suspicious and unclear events?