Disable renewal notification


Disable renewal notification

I have been told to renew by a pop up, and it will keep on happening for 28 days. There is no disable option.

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Sorry for my reply, I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


Just like to connect your feature request with another one (and some discussions about):

And there was some unclear meanings:

And generic discussions:


Does your suggestion is about certain view? For example, there are options to "postpone/close" such notification pop-up; to renew F-Secure solution; And there are limitations of situation when such pop-up will be visible (at least, with 'designed'-meanings).

So, does your suggestion is about complete disable renewal notification (at all)? Or disable after first reading? For certain count of days or fully? Or something else?


Also, in general, such notification is not about "to renew" - but it is reminder about expiration date of your subscription (with ability to renew for being still with security solution after expiration date). Even it is indeed unclear current design of reminder and inability to 'disable/postpone' for some more days. And other discussions/feelings was under some of noted topics.