Automatic scan of USB pendrives

Automatic scan of USB pendrives

A decade ago malware spread through floppy and cd. Now the have new medium which USB pendrive. Pendrive gets connected to many computer thus getting infected and further spreading the malware to more computers.

So ability to automatically scan USB pendrive would be very good feature to add in F secure.

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I understand your concern, but here few things you should actually know:


Any normal antivirus automatically scans every file when accessed, and you can scan everything(i.e. Pendrive) manually if you wish. I mean there's no real reason of having such "feature", it's just false caution.


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I think it's a good idea!  But as Janiashvili mentioned, it may be unnecessary.  Where I would see it being useful, however, is when sharing the Pendrive with other users whose PC/device may NOT have antivirus installed, thereby accidentally spreading a hidden infection in a file.  Manually scanning the drive could prevent this, yes, but I don't assume that everyone would routinely doing that before sharing the content.


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I am a security software tester and I don't fully agree with