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Symptoms F-Secure Freedome cannot estabilish a VPN connection through DNA's Sagemcom 3686AC modem when using Freedome on Apple iPad or iPhone. DNA is a Finnish Internet Service Provider. Diagnosis DNA provides its customers with a Sagemcom 3686AC modem. By default, the modem prevents the IPSec connections required by the iOS version of Freedome. Android, Windows and Mac versions of Freedome work without issues through the modem. Solution To solve the problem, do as follows: Log in to the Sagemcom 3686AC modem with its admin account. Open the Advanced page in the modem settings and select the IPSec PassThrough setting. Save the settings. Now the Freedome VPN connection works also through the DNA modem.
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  What does it block?   The feature does all of the following:   Removes all cookies set by known advertising networks, preventing the ad networks from tracking individual visitors from site to site. Prevents all HTTP traffic from and to what is considered*) as a "tracking domain", preventing also existing cookies to be sent back to those domains. Forces the Do Not Track header on for all browsing. When the site you visit uses third-party analytics services known to our database or loads Facebook "like" buttons or advertisements from ad networks, Freedome either blocks these requests completely, or strips cookies from them. Those third parties are unable to track which sites you're visiting.   We do not block anything going from your browser to the site you're visiting. Blocking cookies from the site you visit easily breaks login sessions, stored preferences and other valuable features. We do highly value privacy and are committed to maintaining this feature while not sacrificing usability in the Internet.   Freedome anti-tracking is extremely effective against tracking on web pages (on a typical page Freedome blocks 8-10 tracking items). Freedome also blocks a lot of tracking that is done inside mobile applications, not just web browsing.   *) F-Secure's Security Labs are running a real-time reputation service that the Freedome service uses. This reputation system has information about what is considered tracking by F-Secure Labs/analysts. The detailed list of blocked domains, URLs, etc. are considered F-Secure trade secret and the whole list cannot be provided as such.   What it doesn’t block?   Freedome does not block any tracking from HTTPS traffic because that would require a man-in-the-middle attack against the HTTPS, and we’ve decided that the security risks related overweight the possible privacy gains.   What do the statistics show?   The anti-tracking statistics in the F-Secure Freedome main user interface show currently only the total amount of web (HTTP) requests which were either blocked, or which had their cookies filtered to prevent tracking. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide more accurate data about what was blocked to our users with the current version of Freedome since we do not log any traffic for privacy reasons. More detailed data will be available in the future versions for those users who want it.   If I suspect that something is not correctly blocked or is incorrectly blocked, how can I report a false negative/positive?   If you think that we have falsely categorized any object, please contact our support and report it via the Community. This article in other languages: French
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  This article in other languages: French
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To prevent stolen user accounts from being abused, some online casinos (and possibly some other sites) perform origin checks to the connections. For example, if a user connects from Sweden but has specified himself as French when he originally registered to the casino, the online casino may consider this suspicious and blocks the user account.   As F-Secure Freedome VPN can be used to route the network traffic through any of the virtual locations in multiple countries, these kinds of origin checks may block you from accessing the site. To overcome this problem, we advise you to use the virtual location, i.e. the country that you entered in your user account when you registered to the casino.
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