Subscription transfer not working


Subscription transfer not working

The procedure described at  is incomplete. You have to modify it as follows:


- Start using Freedome trial

- Activate though the menu

- Then choose transfer


Any other route, e.g. choosing to activate from the start screen, will not work and results in "No licenses available"


Also, after trial and error which led me to uninstalling Freedome on my old device, I got *no* selection for devices to trasnfer from, obviously because there was only one.


Re: Subscription transfer not working

Hi @JanDoggen 


Thank you for your feedback. 


The link you have provided is basically laying emphasis on the "transfer" of license for existing Freedome users, therefore, the steps will only be applicable where the subscription has expired. 


For steps on how to transfer license from scratch, kindly click here to see the steps from start to finish. This is for Android for example.


Hope this clarifies it.