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Plans to deploy a PC version of Freedome?

Regular Member

Re: Plans to deploy a PC version of Freedome?



Thanks for the impromptu change log. Is there anyway the change logs could be incorporated into the Freedome client? That would be great because I like knowing what changes are made to each update.


I also like the addition of the private search feature as well, however, I use Duck Duck Go instead as I beleive it is more versatile; to each their own though. A great feature for suitable users nonetheless.


Oh! And you forgot to mention the addition of the US VPN locations which are super awesome. Huge thanks to the dev team for that.





F-Secure Employee

Re: Plans to deploy a PC version of Freedome?



Good that you reminded us. The change log will be added to the first update after we release the product officially this week.


The update on Friday included updates to the subscription and 'Invite friends' views and fixes to some connection problems.


I forward your greetings to the development team.