Outlook and freedome


Outlook and freedome

Hello All,


I have several adresses with Outlook :

 - some adress are hosting by 1and1 and working perfectly for send an receive message
- some adress are hosting by Free (France), with this one, i can send message but i can't receive message.
If i disconnect Freedome, i can send and receive normally,

Does someone have an idea?


Thanks a lot,




F-Secure Product Expert
F-Secure Product Expert

Re: Outlook and freedome

Hello Tom0ne,


You will need to configure your mail client as described in this article.


Please refer to  this information from Free, to set the correct values.

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Re: Outlook and freedome



I cannot RECEIVE any mails in Outlook after I switch Freedome on. My email provider says they cannot help. Please tell how to change port etc.


Your link to Tom0ne about sending emails does not help, as sending works fine.