Outlook Email 2010/Gmail/ F-Secure Freedome Problem


Outlook Email 2010/Gmail/ F-Secure Freedome Problem

I installed a trial F-Secure Freedome VPN program on my Windows 7 PC.  I have a Gmail account and use Outlook 2010 as my email client.  I was not able to access my Gmail via Outlook 2010 with the trial F-Secure Freedome VPN program installed.  I received a warning from Google about a security breach and my account was locked until I changed my password.  I changed my password and tried again with the same results.  I deleted my Outlook 2010 account and it worked fine with web based Gmail.  I rely on Outlook on my Windows 7 PC so it appears that the F-Secure Freedome VPN program won't work for me.  If you have a solution please let me know.  I have the F-Secure Freedome VPN program running on my Android tablet with not issues or warnings from Google.  I would like to buy a subscription for my Android tablet when my trial period is over in two days, but I want to be able to include my desktop PC.

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Re: Outlook Email 2010/Gmail/ F-Secure Freedome Problem

Hi Cangrejo,


I will send you a PM regarding the Outlook and Freedome issue.

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Re: Outlook Email 2010/Gmail/ F-Secure Freedome Problem

Same issue on my side with Apple Mail on my MacBook Pro.

I followed the setup from F-Secure but it did not work.

I contacted the support but they could not do nothing neither.

It is just does not make sense to have to disconnect from a VPN service in order to receive/send emails.

Just tried NordVPN and I am not facing this issue at all.
However I would rather to stay with F-Secure as the speed is excellent.
But if I have to I will sacrifice the speed to get better security and privacy with Nord VPN.

Re: Outlook Email 2010/Gmail/ F-Secure Freedome Problem

Hello C.

Here is my ideas.
- too many pieces in the same computer: 2 email apps + Win + Freedom. Is it synchronizing?
- checking email rules, windows settings
- could you use gmail in android tablet
and outlooks email in computer? Is this a solution for problem?

I hope this helps you.