OS X Kill switch finally implemented?


OS X Kill switch finally implemented?

To renew my license I noticed that there's now a kill switch function in OSX app. How does it work?


Nowhere on this site it is mentioned or documented. It would be great that there would be a way of learning about significant new features. Lack of kill switch was the primary reason why I studied competing products. It does seem to work in a quick test but it is disabled for default. Maybe there's a reason?

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Re: OS X Kill switch finally implemented?

Hi tasaista,


Please have a look at our KB article here for more information regarding the Killswitch.

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Re: OS X Kill switch finally implemented?

Thank you for pointing that article out.


However, it does not mention anything about local network. How does that work?


While vpn connection is active:

- killswitch toggle on: access to local network is blocked

- killswitch toggle off: access to local network works


Same subnet, access using ip address.


I would expect that I can access my local network as before at least when the vpn connection is active.