I have connected to a F-Secure Freedome VPN location in another country. When I do a Google search, it still shows my location. Why is this?


I use F-Secure Freedome and use a virtual location which is nowhere near me. When I do a search, it still shows me the city I am located in. Does Freedome leak this or what's the reason for this?


This location in the bottom of the Google search page is actually based on your past activity (as it's stated next to the location). So basically, if you search for local places (local services, streets, events etc.) it will offer you the location mentioned.

This is because of web history, cache & cookies that are saved while you surf the internet, as the web sites use the saved information to personalize your visit. If you clear the browsing history, cache and cookies in the web browser or use an incognito tab, you may find that the location will change.

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