Freedome change ID country when on


Freedome change ID country when on

Wish to report this, and did not find any other possibility.

I am based in Norway and the Freedome protection of my system relates to a Swedish ip.  The swedish ip only comes on with Freedome.
It is creating a challanges when using search engines, as all comes with a Swedish prefix. (google...)
If one wish to shop online in Norway, one must turn off the Freedome to avoid the swedish version of the site by international pages. Remember that Norway got import taxes...


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Viite: Freedome change ID country when on

Hi @Stella2 and thank you for your message.


I tried to re-produce the issue you mentioned, but I wasn't able to face similar issue.


So what kind of device you are using?


Can it be browser related issue?

Will it happen if you use some other browser?

What browser you are using now?


Can you give us few examples of pages which are shown in Swedish while Freedome is turned on and the location is Oslo, Norway?



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