Freedome VPN Network Cable Unplugged


Freedome VPN Network Cable Unplugged

Just recently my freedome vpn just stopped working, an error popped up saying that freedome could not connect to servers and it wouldn't allow me to turn on the vpn for my pc. I checked the network cables and it said that freedome network cable was unplugged and i can't seem to find a fix to try and get the vpn working again. I only have ethernet and no wifi options and I need help.


Re: Freedome VPN Network Cable Unplugged

Hi @NateHom 


May I know if you have tried to uninstall and reinstall F-Secure Freedome in an attempt to get rid of the "could not connect to servers error"? If not, do try that first followed by the solved steps in the links below.  


Kindly have a look at these article here and here then let us know if that solves the issue.