FREEDOME VPN connection error after iOS 9 upgrade


When upgrading your iPhone or iPad to iOS 9, FREEDOME sometimes fails to establish a VPN connection. If this occurs, the device displays one the following error messages or both:

freedome_vpn_connection_error.png freedome_unexpected_error.png


Sometimes iOS 9 upgrade causes a situation where FREEDOME fails to estabilish the VPN connection after the device has been upgraded.


To solve this problem:

  1. Start FREEDOME, and select Settings from the top-left corner menu. The Settings page is displayed:
  2. In the Settings page, tap Remove VPN configurations. The Remove VPN configurations confirmation dialog is displayed:
  3. Tap OK.
  4. On the main user interface, turn on FREEDOME. The Confirm turning on dialog is displayed, automatically requesting permission to add VPN configurations:
  5. Tap Yes, let's continue. The "FREEDOME" Would Like to Add VPN Configurations dialog is displayed:
  6. Tap Allow to let FREEDOME add the new VPN configuration. Depending on your security settings, you may be asked to enter your device 'passcode' or 'Touch ID' (fingerprint).
Now FREEDOME should work normally.
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