F-Secure FREEDOME stops working on OnePlus phone with Android 9


FREEDOME stops working unexpectedly on OnePlus phones running on Android 9 OS.


OnePlus phones with Android 9 include a battery optimizer which may stop FREEDOME unexpectedly.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to exclude FREEDOME from the battery optimizer automatically. However, you can set this yourself as follows:
  1. Open System Settings > Apps > Gear icon > Special Access > Battery Optimization.
  2. Disable the following options: Advanced optimization and Sleep standby optimization.

Unfortunately, there is a bug in the OnePlus version of Android 9 which causes this setting to reset randomly, as well as each time FREEDOME app is updated.

As a workaround to prevent the above, you must also lock FREEDOME in the Recent Apps list to make the setting work:
  1. Open FREEDOME on your phone and close it right after this.
  2. Tap the Recent Apps button on your phone.
  3. Find FREEDOME in the Recent Apps, tap the open lock icon in the top-right corner to close the lock.
In addition to the above, some OnePlus devices also require that the user defines the apps which are allowed to work in the background. You may need to allow this for FREEDOME as well:
  1. Open System Settings > Apps > Gear icon > App auto-launch.
  2. Find FREEDOME on the list and turn on the auto-launch for it.

Now FREEDOME should work without problems on your OnePlus phone running on Android 9.

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