Code for free 6 months


Code for free 6 months



I noticed the code advertised on Twitter for the free 6 months. I had already signed up for the free 1 week trial, input this code on my iPad, which was accepted but my Freedome said "Trial Ended on 3 Nov 2014" but it wouldnt let me connect. I tried signing up to the subscription thinging it may have been a requirement to the free trial. But now, although the account is active, it doenst say anything about being active til "3 Nov 2014". Have i lost this free 6 months now? I dont mind having paid for a months subscription, but I would like to keep the 6 months free trial Smiley Happy.


Incidentally, I tried the trial on my phone, it required me to unistall the application and reintall it and I was then able to connect to the VPN.



F-Secure Product Expert
F-Secure Product Expert

Re: Code for free 6 months

Hello jm25,


Could you detail where you " tried signing up to the subscription thinging"? Can you connect now on your iPad?

Is your trial still active today?


You might want to check this article which explain why it might be necessary to perform re-installation of the profile.



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