Can FREEDOME block WebRTC IP address leakage?

FREEDOME cannot prevent IP address leaking through WebRTC. Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) is an application programming interface (API) that is widely used in various plugin-less applications.

WebRTC includes a method for the web server to request the local IP address through the user's web browser. This way the server may obtain the original IP address of the user's computer as long as the user's browser supports WebRTC.

A VPN solution, such as FREEDOME or its competitors, can not disable WebRTC within the web browser. At best, we could inspect all JavaScript code coming from a webserver and break the WebRTC code. However, if the web server is a TLS/SSL protected https server, all Javascript is encrypted while it is being downloaded from the web server to the browser and it is impossible for FREEDOME to inspect that. The code may also be obfuscated or compressed, making it difficult to reliably detect WebRTC. Therefore, it is not technically possible to block WebRTC with FREEDOME.

To prevent WebRTC IP address leakage, you must disable WebRTC in the web browser. Unfortunately, this is not possible with all web browsers.

Currently known safe browsers (no WebRTC support)

  • Internet Explorer for desktops
  • Safari for desktops
  • iOS browsers

Currently known affected browsers

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