I want to use Osuuspankki's offer promising 6 months free F-Secure TOTAL, but I already have a valid My F-Secure account with subscription time remaining


I heard of the Osuuspankki offer of 6 months free F-Secure TOTAL. I already have a My F-Secure account with a valid purchase, can you add the time there? 


We cannot combine Osuuspankki's 6 months offer to any valid My F-Secure account. What we can do, is delete your current account so that you can activate the offer with the same email address, but in this case you will lose the time you already have. 

We recommend that you wait until your old account has expired, and then contact us to delete your My F-Secure account, after which you can activate the OP's offer. 

The OP's campaign is valid until further notice. 

Article no: 000007835

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