F-Secure SENSE Router

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Issue: How do I renew my security router F-Secure SENSE's subscription? Resolution: If you already have F-Secure TOTAL, we can add 6 months time for free in your. In the future we are hoping to combine F-Secure SENSE to the subscription so that when you renew F-Secure TOTAL, your SENSE will also follow the new date. What this means is that your F-Secure SENSE will be valid along with your My F-Secure account. If you plan to stop your purchase and no longer renew TOTAL, your SENSE purchase will also be deactivate. NOTE: this is valid only for F-Secure TOTAL, if you downgrade to F-Secure SAFE, your SENSE will be deactivated.  If you don't want to attach your F-Secure SENSE to F-Secure TOTAL -order, and to your My F-Secure -account, you can use F-Secure SENSE normally until the end of year 2021. After that you can either choose to cpnnect F-Secure SENSE to My F-Secure and TOTAL or use F-Secure SENSE as a normal router, as F-Secure SENSE won't have the security features working independently without F-Secure TOTAL after the end of year 2021. When contacting F-Secure customer support, please give your SENSE device ID that can be found behind the box. This way we can verify your purchase. Article no: 000005382
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