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What does the Sense app do?

F-Secure Sense is a 3-tier protection system consisting of the Sense router, the Sense app, and the F-Secure Security Cloud. Within this 3-tier system, the Sense app has several functions as follows:

  • It is required for the set-up and configuration of the Sense router.
  • It enables constant monitoring of your network. Unlike other routers, the Sense router does not have a web interface. Access to the router is gained solely via the app, making it convenient for you to access your Sense network information wherever you are.
  • It provides on-the-go protection for supported devices that go outside the Sense network.
  • It adds an extra layer of protection within your Sense network for those devices that can run the app. With the Sense app installed on your Windows PC, the app provides protection for your Windows PC against malware distributed on a USB memory stick, for example.

For more details about supported platforms for the Sense app, please look at the following article: What platforms does the F-Secure Sense app currently run on?

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