What do the SENSE router display symbols mean?

This article explains what the various symbols on the SENSE router display mean.

Display What it means What to do

No lights

SENSE has no power. Check that the SENSE router is plugged in.
The display brightness is too low or display is switched off. Change display brightness from the app settings.

Whole display lit

sense_whole.png SENSE is booting up. Wait for a few minutes. If nothing happens, unplug the SENSE router and then plug it in again. If the problem persists, a factory reset is needed.

Static squares


Pulsing squares

sense_pulsing.png SENSE is ready for pairing. Press the blue button on the back of the SENSE router.
Pulsing connection sense_connection.png Internet connection to SENSE is down. Check for loose cables or try restarting your router.

Four (4) numbers

sense_pin.png Pairing code. This appears after you press blue pairing button. Follow the instruction in the SENSE app.

Rotating squares

sense_rotate.png SENSE is connecting or verifying an action done by the app. This may take a moment. Follow the instruction in the SENSE app.

Plus sign

sense_plus.png Action completed. No action needed. Get ready for the next step.

Exclamation mark

sense_exclamation_mark.png SENSE has encountered an issue. Check the SENSE app.


sense_updating.png SENSE is updating its software and will restart automatically. Keep the SENSE router plugged in and follow the instructions in the SENSE app.


sense_reset.png The SENSE router was reset. Wait for the SENSE router to restart and then set it up.

Factory reset

sense_factory_reset.png The SENSE router was reset and restored to factory settings.


sense_time.png You are online and protected. Enjoy!
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For product info and pricing please go to the F-Secure SENSE product page

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