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We'll try to cover your last questions below:

  • The Sense gadget has a dual-band Wi-Fi conforming to the IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards.We are in the process of testing and tuning the Wi-Fi performance and we’ll provide the numbers in due course.
  • The protection by Sense on your home network is a combination of the Sense gadget and the Sense app protection.

    The protection on the go is provided by the Sense app and it depends on the operating system of your device.

    Eg, on your Android device there is antivirus that’s based on our award-winning Ultralight technology.

    On Windows we have the most comprehensive protection by antivirus with cloud-enabled scanning, behavior-based blocker based on our DeepGuard technology and browsing protection based on URL reputation.

  • We are in the process of testing Sense with various network setups, among others including those with Wi-Fi range extenders.

    We’ll provide compatibility lists when possible.

  • "Do I have to buy 2 Sense gadgets if you have two residences?"The short answer is yes.

The long answer:  Sense is designed to protect all your connected devices. Some of those are mobile like your phone, laptop or tablet that you take with you.

However, many of the smart home devices are stationary in your home, like your smart TV, smart smoke alarm or smart lock.

And you want to keep them connected also when you are in your second residence or elsewhere.

That’s one of the reasons why you buy smart home devices in the first place.

Now when you remove your Sense gadget from your primary home then there is no protection for any of the smart home devices staying there.

In addition, you’d need to re-connect those stationary smart home devices to your router or modem to keep them connected while away.

Then restore the secure connections with Sense when you return.

And the same goes for your second residence too.

It would be a lot of trouble and it would really defeat the purpose of Sense.

  • The subscription is tied to your Sense gadget so you’ll need as many subscriptions as many Sense gadgets you have.


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