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SENSE Feature Requests

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Re: SENSE Feature Requests

I would like to be able to switch off the WiFi without turning the whole router off. Preferably with pre-set times.


I feel more comfortable when I can keep radiation levels down at night.

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Re: SENSE Feature Requests



Re: SENSE Feature Requests

Please consider allowing user to switch to a new iPhone or iPad without having to do a complete reset of all devices already connected to the Sense network with the old iPhone/iPad in order to use the a Sense App. I have some 45 devices on the existing network and really don’t want to reset every one of them every time I get a new iPad/iPhone !!


Thanks !


Re: SENSE Feature Requests

Here are few features requests that I mentioned in other different more specific context/issues but that were advised to rather list here:

1- Automatize Sense reset on a regular/customized schedule would be a very good feature to avoid blocking points when you are not here without access to your network setup.

2- Logs are still not accurate (device no longer connected for days/weeks still logged as “connected” with last consultation recorded at the exact current time when you are looking the logs, while some connected can still be listed in “unconnected”) which is a key security weakness to actually control the network, especially as alerts (in the few rare cases they actually happen) are not visible on the device leds nor by any notification unless you look proactively well inside the application only available on a single device and only at home...

3- So, alert (pushed, on the led device and by email or remote application) notifications are also a key feature to implement rapidly which should not be so complicated I guess/hope…


Re: SENSE Feature Requests

There is a trick that could allow you to do it, manually, but much more easily (only once) in the Sense setup (centrally) rather than in each of your 45 devices…

I did it few times after Sense has been hardware reset, by just putting back in the Network settings of your Sense application the previous settings (SSID and related password) that you have to manually copy back in all the WiFi that your devices are using among the 4 available WiFi (internal/guest, 2.4/5GHz)…

But indeed, it would make (more) « sense » to have an automated (and secure) way to transfer all settings to the application in a new device, and even to have the application able to run in/from multiple (at least 2) devices.


Re: SENSE Feature Requests

- Ability to change protection settings on per device basis.


Like if tracking protection would cause problems on online gaming, then i would be able to disable it only for PS4 and leave it on for other devices.


Re: SENSE Feature Requests

* Ability to switch WLAN off - we have MESH wlan solution already

* Ability to switch DHCP server off - we have DHCP server in our network already