Issues accessing websites when using F-Secure SENSE

Once you have setup F-Secure SENSE, its browsing protection feature starts protecting users and devices from accessing URLs that are classified as unsafe in the F-Secure Security Cloud.

Typical user visible behavior appears as follows:
  • If you try to access a website through unencrypted protocols, such as http, SENSE redirects you to a block page.
  • If the connection request is made using TLS (https link), SENSE is unable to redirect you to a block page. The address is still blocked however and appears as "inaccessible". This is normal behavior.

In both of the above cases, the user sees the event (address blocked) in the event list of the SENSE app. Also, the home screen of the SENSE app turns yellow. It will turn back to blue once the block events are viewed by the user.

Whitelisting through the SENSE app is continuously being worked on and will be available as an update as soon as it is ready.

If you think that a website has been incorrectly classified, you can report it to F-Secure, and our analysts will take a look and fix any problems with the classifications.

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