Does F-Secure SENSE work with IPTV-based services?

F-Secure SENSE works with most IPTV-based pay TV services. SENSE, however, only protects the devices that connect to the Internet via the SENSE router in your home network.

Some IPTV set-ups use a separate set-top box that needs to be connected directly to the modem/router in your home, otherwise the pay TV service won't work. In this scenario, the set-top box is not connected to the SENSE router, which means that the set-top box and its network traffic is not protected by SENSE.

Some other IPTV set-ups have the IPTV functionality embedded in the modem/router. In this case, there is no separate IPTV set-top box, so your set-up and protection with SENSE works in the same way as it would without IPTV.

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