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Can't connect a new scanner to Sense WiFi


Can't connect a new scanner to Sense WiFi

I got a new Fujitsu xi500 scanner and can't connect it to my Sense router over WiFi.  I swapped out the Sense router for my old router provided by my cable company and the scanner connected to that one without a problem.  I then swapped back to Sense and it again will not connect. So it is specific to the Sense router. When trying to connect my scanner, I get as far as entering the password, but it does not connect.   I am entering the correct password. I tried powering off and on Sense and it made no difference.


All of my other devices can connect to Sense without a problem, and I have been using Sense for about 6 weeks without a problem.  Only this new scanner has a problem connecting. How to fix?

In the Sense app on my phone, the status is "Everything is Ok". 


Model Number FSEC-SE161, security firmware 2018-11-21_01-p- radio firmware


Re: Can't connect a new scanner to Sense WiFi

Hello @Fido1


According to your Fujitsu xi500 scanner I can see  the supported WiFi  frequency  2.412 GHz to 2.462 GHz / 2.412 GHz to 2.472 GHz. With F-secure sense, you can see 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz network channels are visible and I would ensure that you are trying to connect to the 2.4GHz channel of the Sense but NOT the 5 GHz


Also, please make sure that your Sense password to be same as the one configured for your old router's WiFi.





Re: Can't connect a new scanner to Sense WiFi

No, it didn’t.

I had the same SSID for 2.4 and 5.  So I changed them to have different names.  Then I connected the scanner to the 2.4 channel but it did not work.  I then used the macOS tool to pick the best channel and changed to the best one for 2.4.  Still did not work.

The scanner is about 9ft / 3m from the router.



Re: Can't connect a new scanner to Sense WiFi

Hello @Fido1


Are you getting any error message during connect Sense Wifi channel?  or have you managed to find the Sense SSID of 2.4Ghz?


You can also check the settings of your scanner if there is anything that could possibly block the connection to SENSE router.


Found this link  , see the page from 37 to 41, and this troubleshoot link, that explains how to perform troubleshoot (network connection)


Move ScanSnap and the wireless access point away from the following:

- Obstacles that may block the signal (e.g. walls, metal boards, etc.)
- Devices that may cause signal interference (e.g. microwaves, cordless
phones, etc.) and wireless devices