unable to download installer


unable to download installer

anybody else pissed off with F-secure i have tried now since august 8 2014 to get this crap on my lap- top with out succsess aaaagggghhhh. when you try to talk to a so called expert their either not there (and im sure i read 364 days a year 24-7) or its so bloody tedius trying to talk to someone through email text and i or them get pissed off with it all and i have had it with them if nobody gets back to me and they cant take remote access of my pc to see whats happening for themselves then i will explose and go back to Norton!!

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Betreff: unable to download installer

So what's exactly your problem? Have you tried downloading the Installer from the F-Secure Homepage?
F-Secure Product Expert
F-Secure Product Expert

Re: unable to download installer

Hello Mal0123,


Very sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience contacting our support.


Can you give us more information on the problem you are facing? Which prodcut are you trying to install on which operating system? Do you get any specific error?

What are the instructions provided by our support and that didn't yield results?


You can go to this page to get some of our latest installers (Product dependent). 

Best Regards



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Re: unable to download installer

Hey mal0123,

did you manage to finally get the product installed, or do you still need any help?
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