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F-Secure SAFE: Internet security for all devices

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Question I am unable to connect to the update server and/or activate F-Secure Mobile Security. What can I do? Answer The error message generally states that F-Secure Mobile Security does not have the required connection to the update/validation server. This is probably caused by incorrect network settings. In some rare cases, the operator (your service provider) has restricted the connection. Another reason for the failure could be date settings that are significantly incorrect.   To troubleshoot the connection: Make sure the SIM card has been inserted into your device. You can still use Wi-Fi connection to activate. Check that the date settings of your phone are correct. Try connecting by using your operator's Internet access point. If there is no Internet AP defined, create one with the following frequently used values: Connection name: Internet  Access Point Name: Internet To test the connectivity with your mobile browser, try accessing the following site: If you cannot access the test page with your mobile browser, the network settings of your phone are incorrect. You can use the HTC “How-tos” site to get the correct connection settings from the URL: You can also ask your local operator for the correct network settings.
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