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F-Secure SAFE: Internet security for all devices

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Sometimes you may want to exclude a file or folder from scanning. Excluded items are not scanned unless you remove them from the excluded items list.
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Question How can I exclude an application from scanning? Answer You cannot exclude applications directly. New applications appear on the exclusion list only if you have excluded them during scanning.   If the scanning detects an application that behaves like spyware or riskware but you know it to be safe, you can exclude it from scanning so that the product does not warn you about it anymore. However, if an application behaves like a virus or other malicious software, it cannot be excluded.   You can view the applications that you have excluded from scanning, and remove them from the excluded items list if you want to scan them in the future. To view the applications that are excluded from scanning:   Click the product icon in the system tray to open the main user interface. Click Settings. Do one of the following: Under Security settings, select Virus protection. Under Other settings, select Manual scanning. Click the Exclude files from the scan link. The Exclude from scanning dialog is displayed. On the Applications tab, you can see the applications that you have excluded from scanning.   This article in other languages: Finnish, Swedish, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish
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