crypto locker - how to remove?


Re: @NiKK crypto locker - how to remove?

This will do it, I made a tiny URL :)

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cryptowall 2.0

CryptoWall version 2.


Please check F-Secure blog....


Re: crypto locker - how to remove?



These new enciphering ransomware malware are using the built-in "industrial strenght" RSA provider module in Windows OS to make the files unreadable (because a homebrew crypto algorythm or a strong crypto with amateur implementation is easy to break for experts).


Therefore some "Edward II" among the NSA ranks will need leak info on what kind of a government-mandated backdoor is hidden in Microsoft's implementation of RSA and then, suddenly all ransomed files will be easy to read again!


Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.