codigo de desbloqueo del antitheft


codigo de desbloqueo del antitheft

I Forgot code and the phone secure number is wrong, then i cant sending sms with the word # unlock #. How do I to unlock the phone as well? Model is tlephone is Nokia E7  and version  7.00 Antitheft.


No recuerdo mi codigo y el nro de telefono seguro esta mal escrito entonces no funcioma el enviomde sms con la pala ra #unlock#. Como se hace para desbloquear el telefono asi? Modelo Nokia E7 y version del Antitheft es 7.00



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F-Secure Product Expert
F-Secure Product Expert

Re: codigo de desbloqueo del antitheft

@mone2014 ,


I moved your post to the most appropriate board.

Can you confirm that the code reqested is the one of the Anti-theft?


Kindly refer to AniaC's post to contact Support, reset security code cases have to be handled outside of the F-Secure Community.



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