What's New in F-Secure SAFE for Mac

This article outlines important changes and features, as well as fixes released in the latest versions of F-Secure SAFE for Mac.

Version 17.7 (Build 20591)

Released September, 2019

Support for macOS Catalina now available
  • This release adds support for macOS Catalina.
  • If full disk access has not been granted to the product, a warning notification appears in the product.
Usability improvements
  • A link has been added to the main product view that enables you to access your subscription information more easily. The Manage subscription link takes you directly to the My F-Secure portal, where you can view your subscription details.
  • The Manage subscription link changes to Renew Now when the product is about to expire; the Renew Now link takes you to the F-Secure eStore, where you can renew your subscription.
Other general improvements
  • An opt-in option has been added that gives you the option to provide product improvement data to F-Secure. This option appears during installation or you can set this up later in System Preferences.
  • The product no longer prevents you from installing the software if it detects 3rd party incompatible software; only a warning is given instead.
  • A new, updated version of the Support Tool for SAFE Mac comes with this release. When you start the tool (select Run Diagnostics), you are asked to enter your admin credentials.
Pricing & Product Info

For product info and pricing please go to the F-Secure SAFE product page

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