Virgin Media F Secure new download questions?


Virgin Media F Secure new download questions?



I was wondering if you could help us. We have removed the Virgin Media old anti virus software and I think successfully downloaded F Secure - however I have noted on other threads that you have advised there is 4 boxes when you left click the logo on the front screen however we only get search and F secure boxes. Is this ok??


Also if you have numerous devices in the household for example I pad, laptop etc do we need to use the licences for these? We have tried to click the link on the I pad via the e-mail as instructed but the I pad states 'link not available'.


Just want to be 100% sure we are proteceted for all devices?




Re: Virgin Media F Secure new download questions?

I'm not sure what you mean with only search and F-Secure boxes. I assume it's on a comupter.

By left-clicking the F-Secure icon in the system tray(bottom right corner of the screen) you get the Launchpad which should look like this:



In some cases the Virgin Media Security has not been completely removed by the normal uninstall, causing the F-Secure product to sometimes not behave as excepted. These problems have been solved by running an additional removal tool. Instructions here:


F-Secure does not have an anti-virus product for iPhone or iPad. Described why here:


But there is an app for parental control if you need such functions:

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Re: Virgin Media F Secure new download questions?

It sounds like the Computer Security and Online Safety componentrs haven't been installed, so I would follow NikK's advice to fully remove VMS, then reinstall F-Secure.