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SAFE finder not working well


SAFE finder not working well

Hello! I have recently been very disappointed with the SAFE device Finder. Occasionally, I need to check on my childrens' device location. The Finder function has been painfully slow if it has worked, or often it doesn't work at all. Today, for example, I tried to locate my son's Android phone from two Android devices. I then tried to locate my own Android phone as an additional test. It failed to locate all devices. I would say that the Finder has been poor for several weeks or even months. I won't renew my SAFE subscription next year if the Finder feature is not improved. Any tips on getting it working better would be most appreciated. Thanks! 


Re: SAFE finder not working well

Hello @kekeyork,

Thank you for sharing your feedback which we deeply appreciate. We value you opinion and see it as an opportunity to learn and improve.I will certainly spread the word to the respective department for future enhancement. 


Anyhow, there are four important things that need to make sure to allow Finder to work on your device in proper way.


 1. Enable Finder in the SAFE app on your device.
2. Check that you don't have any battery saving functions on that would disable SAFE application when the phone is not active.
3.  Location permission for SAFE app is enabled.
4. Smartphone is connecting to the network.