Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.

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Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.


Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.

Sorry , I feel asleep . No I'm no where near Australia:/. And yes , this is what im trying to tell you, read my other post I put up. I'm almost positive I'm infected with a government virus!! . You see, I used to work for this company and I did all their bookkeeping, as well as Administrative work for the CEO and president . and a lot more, well while I worked there I acquired ALOT of documents ( most I didn't even realize what they were) on my computer, very confidential documents that I now know are extremely valuable to the CEO and all investors as they are the proof to many many illegal going ons and could do serious damage to them and the company . Well one of the owners happens to be one of the wealthiest men according to forbes magazine and he owns a HUGE media technology company . Well when all this started happening, I noticed so many successful log in's to all my email accts. in the history page . So I started writing them down and taking photographs, I would change my password from a safe computer, and seriously 1 minute later have a successful loggin again from somewhere weird , like Turkey. The logins seemed almost programmed as the times were like 3:08 am the 3:09 am then 3:10 am and on and on for 10 more , when I had disabled all my mail accts from phone and computer so it wasn't me for sure. Well I started noticing EVERY single IP address had one thing in common , they traced back to CELLCO.. In the first few I actually had some from New Jersey giving the local address of where the home office to this CELLCO is. I looked them up and they turned out to be a monitoring company for law enforcement! So I freaked!! Why is law enforcement monitoring me??? I read on, they have certain laws they must abide by, all if which they had broken with me. They had removed all my documents , locked my hard drive , port forwarded my mail, accessed deleted videos, etc. they were supposed to have a warrant to be doing this. How and why ???? So I searched more , after a while I found it , the rich guy who owns part the company I'm suing also is affiliated with Cellco . Can't be coincidence. He's abusing his power and authority to silence me.
Trust me , again I'm working with very smart guys, we've changed EVERYTHING passwords, IP address, hard drive, I've talked to apple security numerous times, they just suggest to wipe it, but that doesn't do it. few times. Even bought a new router 2 tunes to get new IP address, definitely did a total wipe of the system. ( guy who did it still can't believe nor understand how they got back in) the one engineer found information of the DaVinci root kit in the Exploit that is encrypted disguising itself after installation in the EFI sector . I'm told it installs before the operating system, that's why wiping did nothing. I definitly have spoofed certificates which indicate ac" man in the middle " attack where data is intercepted while in transit not needing physical use if computer. All this requires a lot more than just some regular hacker could access.
So I've been to the police, with all my info, plenty of proof , I paid quit a lot to have a professional do some forensics on my computer because no one believed me. He brought in a second party for verification.
Still police will do nothing, they tell me call FBI, FBI seriously told me to " unplug my computer " when I said it was a wireless laptop they said " then turn it off" and hung up . Way to go FBI! I've written and called be nervous times to my congressman who he himself helped pass a bill against this very thing yet will do nothing. I'm telling you, I'm losing my mind over here because everyday it gets worse, I can see the access from in hiding folders and what I've found, some people would be sooooo interested in because in telling you this is something very different. But no one will help, I don't know where to go, which is why I posted to F-Secure. Maybe they want to see how they are getting in to my computer and help me prosecute and stop this madness . This is the stuff you read about in the news ( yes I've called them too) how do those people get noticed ? When f-secure does their studies of new infected virus' appearing , how does one report it to them ? Because no one has seen this before that I've met it talked to, and im in a very big city .
So there you have it. All those things you suggested, I've already done , but they somehow switch everything back. If I turn off microphone in sYs pref. I'll find out it's been enabled without me doing it or knowing automatically on google, now when I open Opera Coast, there's a second window that opens with every new crab I go to, like it's mirroring the page . They definitly gave root access, and a program that notifies them if when I change a password , they've manipulated all my apps through the strings , even the graphics so things will look normal and like their running properly when it should give me a different message. Example : microphone on google appeared to be not recording , I saw a flash real quick said " say ok google " so I said OK GOOGLE out loud. Then a little icon in upper right address bar with an X through it popped up, I clicked it and it said " your microphone is now turned off and no longer recording " or something to that effect. Then said something about " but your website settings are different, to change them click here " so I did, took me to adobe website settings, where I'm SUPPOSED TO be Able to access my website camera and mic a global and various settings, except I had no authority to do anything . I have to call adobe Monday , I tried uninstalling adobe flash and couldn't, found a bunch of adobe hidden files and files tucked so deep I'd never known to look.
It's relentless , I've done everything and everyday is a fight.
I'll watch the videos you sent. Thank you so much for listening
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Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.

Oh dear,


What a mess you been thru...


If you are a clerk or an admin, these people are gaining informations to your company.


I'm sure you are not the only one that they are after.


They are after your company, boss, and even your colleagues.


Someone must have the habit of doing something nasty or bad.


If a person who wanted to do bad things to you or your company, he will find a victim or victims that is the weakest link.



For sure, they are after the information on a computer who is the secretary of the boss.


Sounds like your company is under so called covert survillence. (Under Survillence)


Did you give any details of your personal hand phone to any of your clients.


Did you give any details of your personal home address.


What you need to do is to stop using your handphone, your phone to your office and informed your boss about it.


Did your boss knows that your company is Under Survillence?


Did your boss knows that cellco is doing all this things.


You will never know that one of your client might be root cause of the problem.


Did you make any form of enemy???


I advice that you don't use your cell phone. Because this people can do a trace on your whereabouts and location.


Regardless what handphone or cell phone you use. The telco can do a trace on you and

your whereabouts and location.


Okay, if you pick up the phone on your office, did you hear any clicking sound???


Like click click click click....


Then most likely your office is being electronic bug.


If they hire a private investigator, and use a telco company to do tracing.


Then I suspected that the company that you are working is under survillence.


First of all, remove your battery of your cell phone once you get home. Do not turn on your cell phone. 


Most likely this people already know your cell phone number. (What i mean is phone tapping)


They can do many things which you did not know behind your back.


They can do information gathering on you and your company.


These always been the case that the Secretary of the company have been target and victimised.


Did you know anything about "Industrial Espionage"????


Did you watch the news about cell phone tapping???


See this video. (Make sure you see this video)


Did you know anything about counter survillence?


Watch this videos.


Did you watch Discovery Channel - by Aton Edwards Track me if you can???


Here is Aton Edwards wiki


Make sure you see this video (Is a must!)


Video on counter survillence


Bug sweep.


Electronic Harrassment


Did you heard about NSA Prism?


See F-Secure Mikko Hypponen videos and David Hasselfholf (aka Knight Rider)


Did you watch David Hasselfholf (don't hassel the hoff, just kidding) with Mikko Hypponen?


Find hidden camera in your home or office.


About Cell Phone tracking.


To get your life back, make sure you see all the videos here. It's very important for you to know.


Did anyone follow you or you are being followed.


Did you notice around you that you being watch?


Outside your office, in your office, outside your home.


Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.

No no, I don't work for the company anymore! It's ME that's the secretary with all the important information !! I was fired in September 2013, the hacking / virus , I'm told, began December. It's my personal computer that this is on ! It's my apartment that is under survelaince it's ME they are trying to get information about. You see, when I worked for old company they did many federal illegal things, not on purpose, but I left with all the documents in my hard drive , and they forgot to have me sign a confidentiality agreement. They fired me for a reason not aloud to fire someone , so I'm taking them to court for wrongful termination and sexual harrasment ( CEO sexually harassed me) one of the owners of that company ( the one I used to work for ) Affiliates with Cellco to my knowledge . So it's my info company afraid I'll use what I know to get then in trouble, thats why they erased all my documents , all my mail , locked up my hard drive , have total control of my computer. They are trying to scare me so I won't talk. Or if I do, they'll know about it and who knows what will happen then. All I know for fact is SOMEONE somehow got exploits of what looks like the davinci virus and then more on my computer through a man in the middle attack using spoofed certificates and this takes a certain level of expertise. I'm an innocent person that found herself in an unlucky position and to my disbelief , no law enforcment agency is willing to do anything . Either because when they look into it, it shows I actually have a warrant out for some made up crime or they just don't see this type of thing and don't know what to do with it.
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Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.

First of all,


I suspected that your backup files must have been infected by viruses and malware as well.


What I suspecting, is that someone must have email attachment that are infected with Davinci Virus.


Or someone in your office must have surf to the infected site that have Davinci virus or malware.


So, what you need to do is, do a full scan in your office with a program called Malwarebytes.


You can download a free copy and install in your Windows computer.


Download the free version of malwarebytes and do a full scan on all computer in your office and home.


Go to this link.


See if Malwarebytes detects any viruses, trojans and malwares.


Once detected delete them.


Then you need to download the AVIRA rescue disk ISO. To do a full scan on all Windows PCs.


Go this site.


Download and burn the Avira Rescue Disc to to a CD-R blank CD.


Do a full scan.


Take note. Avira always update their Rescue CD. Look the date stamp. Keep this software real handy.


Boot the up the CD, make sure you are online, do a virus updates and do a FULL SCAN on all of your computers in your office and home.


Also do a full scan on infected Windows PC with F-Secure Online scan.


Make sure all of your office and home computers are FULL SCAN.


Even your boss laptops, computer need to do a FULL SCAN.


It takes many hours to complete.


But it worth every effort to do it.


Make sure all.


Even your boss home computer need to be scan.


Do this on off days.


Come on the office and do everything.


Make sure you notify the problem and let everyone in the office knows about this.


Do not bring infected files to your home or office.


Do not bring any personal photographs to your office if your office is under survillence.


Just to prevent any other people can lead to their bait and being victimised.


Remove them.


And even in your personal website, in your computer.






Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.

But yes , I'm pretty sure my phone is compromised too, and they definitly know where I live. I wouldn't doubt if my apartment was bugged . All I can do is let them listen , I'm not doing anything wrong after all. I can't fight a fight I can't win , I've tried everything , I will move soon and be very private about it.
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Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.

Change your cell phone and home number, and address. Be on your toes every where you move in or out of the house.


Look around.


If you drive a car, or go to usual places, check to see if someone is following you.


Remember their faces, tattoos, clothes, shoes, watch, pen etc.


Video him or her if you think these people are following you.


And call the police.


Change your computer if you think, your computer is render useless.


Always go to the crowded place.


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Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.

Okay next,


Do not copy your backup files to your clean computer.


Because I suspected that your backup files must have been infected by viruses and malware.


Be it Windows or Mac.


Make sure you follow my steps.



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Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.

Next once you have done the virus full scanning on your windows computers.


What you need to do now is to focus on your Macbook Pro.




Do not connect your Macbook pro to a  Wifi or Home Internet network.


What you need to do now, is to check whether your Root User Account have been use and compromise.


Go to this link and change the root password and disable root account.


Check to see if your Active Directory on your Mac OS X is enable. And you need to disable the active directory.


Disable all your System Preferences Sharing. All of them. Untick them.


Go to system prefences, sharing and untick all of them.


Disable your Parental Control.


Make sure your Mac firewall is turn on and block all incoming


Follow this steps.




Download Intego antivirus trial as what i said earlier.


Go to this link


click on trial button


key in your email address.


And wait for Intego reply.


Once you received the Intego email,


Download the software to the link given.


And install Intego Antivirus.


Do a virus update.


And make sure you do a FULL SCAN on your Mac.


You can also do a scan for virus on your iPhones, iPad with Intego antivirus.


See if it can detect any malware, spyware etc.


Make sure you go TheSafeMac to get yourself up to date about Mac Malware.


Know the malware and spywares and Adware for Mac infected computers.


For detection on mac spyware download macscan to see if your mac is infected with spywares.


Download the trial version.


Then once the malware been detected, you can send the sample file to F-Secure for analysis.


Then if you want to do a format on your harddisk, see the previous post that i send you.


But before you format your harddisk.


Make sure you have your Apple Mac OS X maverick USB Recovery (usb stick). 8 or 16 GB thumb drive.




Follow the steps of doing an Apple OS X recovery on my previous post.


And do a zero out on your hard disk.



Configure your computer on the step that I given you in the post.


Change your root account password, and disable them.


Disable Active Directory.


Install a copy of antivirus program.


Disable all of sharing System preferences.


Do not enable Remote Login, Remote Desktop, Internet Sharing, File sharing, Screen Sharing etc.


Disable them all.


Make sure you have a administration account and password.


Do not use admin account and password all the time.


Create another user, with standard account and use that all the time.


Disable your guest account.


 DO NOT copy back your infected backup files to your Macbook Pro.


The virus is still exists.


And it can infect both your Windows and Mac.


If you have a Apple boot camp.


which means you have two Operating System on your Macbook pro.


One Mac OS X and windows.


Go to Windows on your macbook Pro and download Malwarebytes and do a full scan.


Update your antivirus software and do a full scan again.


Do not install Skype or video chat program on your PC or Mac.


Do not use Internet Explorer or Apple Safari browser.


Use firefox or Google chrome.


Do not install JAVA on your Mac and Windows.


Make sure your Adobe flash is keep up to date.


Go to this site to check whether you have the latest adobe flash.


Disable your adobe flash when not in use.


Disable your bluetooth. Both on your PC, Mac and Phones!


Disable your Apple Airport.







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Re: 14 antivirus apps found to have security problems.

You make a journal,


write on the date, time, and what is happening to you.


Do a video recording.


What you see on your computer.


Make a police report!